Thai Powerlifting Federation - Official Coaching Team

The Thai Powerlifting Federation has put together a team of the some of the very best Powerlifting Coaches not just in Thailand but around the world for its lifters and those in Thailand who want to start lifting. Here you can find all of the TPF’s official coaches and get their details. The international coaches are available for online coaching and limited contact sessions when they are in Thailand. Our Thailand based coaches are available for online programming and in person direct coaching using the TPF Elite Training Center in Bangkok. 

Zac Cooper

TPF Coaching Course Instructor & Approved Coach

Zac Cooper has been involved in the sport of powerlifting since 1997. He was a competitive powerlifter in high school and college and competed at multiple State, Regional, and National Championships from 1997-2005 in the United States. Since that time He’s served as coach of 3 different Collegiate Powerlifting Programs in the United States, including 3 National Championship Titles with Louisiana Tech University. Since 2013, Cooper has served as a Senior International Coach for the United States, most recently as Assistant Coach for the North American and Pan-American Powerlifting Championships and has been the coach of over 100 U.S. National and IPF International Champions. In October 2018 Cooper was named the Head Coach of the United States for the IPF Sub-Junior / Junior World Powerlifting Championships. Professionally, Cooper holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and a Master’s Degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Strength & Conditioning. He has owned and operated the Cooper Training Institute (CTI) since 2009 and has offered powerlifting coaching and competition day coaching professionally since 2013. His programming philosophy has been heavily influenced by Kraemer, Wolf, Bompa, and Maile. When asked what separates Cooper’s programming from others he said it is the implementation of proper undulating cycle progressions, core lift variations, biomechanical analysis of athletes’ lifts, and his unique “reactionary program design” which constantly adjusts to the athlete’s progress. CTI’s slogan is “Mechanics. Technique. White Lights.”

Peter Lucey (BKK Strength Coach)

TPF Certified & Approved Coach

Hey folks, this is Peter Lucey from Cork Ireland. I've been involved with powerlifting for over 8 years on a local, national and international level. I served as the PRO and President of the Irish Drug Free Powerlifting Association for a number of years. I've been competing competitively myself since 2012. I've been a Powerlifting coach for a number of years and founded the Cork Strength and Performance Center (CSPC) in Ireland. The CSPC has produced many of Ireland's top lifters. Since moving to Bangkok I've been coaching a number of athletes for Powerlifting under the Bangkok Strength Coach brand. I'm available for online coaching for those of you not based in Bangkok or also available for in person contact sessions.

Rob Ali

TPF Approved Coach

Hey guys! My name is Rob Ali. I have worked in the fitness industry for over 7 years. Throughout my years working as a personal trainer and strength coach, I have worked with a multitude of clients with various fitness goals; from general fitness population, to competitive athletes, and rehabilitation. I have extensive experience working with clients of different needs and backgrounds. I am a competitive, drug-tested athlete and am ranked top 5 in USA Powerlifting for the 83 kg class. I've set multiple Junior and Open State Records, work as a state referee for USA Powerlifting and am a Senior National Coach for Team USA for USA Powerlifting. I'm also the founder of online coaching and nutritional counseling platform, Ali Training Systems Inc., which has helped dozens of athletes across the Eastern Seaboard and Southeast Asia attain their fitness goals, both competitive and general in nature. I specialize in strength and conditioning, powerlifting, bodybuilding, functional strength training, rehabilitation, movement analysis, mobility, weight loss and nutrition. Message me to accelerate your fitness journey!

Kaely C. Wararatchai

TPF Approved & Certified Coach

Hi guys! Kaely’s here. I’m a TPF’s Athlete, SBD Sponsored Athlete, TPF’s Powerlifting Coach and TPF’s Referee. I believe that Strength is the root of any type of sports and movements. And it’s the most important for our lives. I have worked with clients with various goals. From general fitness to competitive athletes. I’m competitive myself as well, 1st Place in IRON WARRIOR 2018 under 52kgs class and 2nd Place in Thailand Powerlifting Alliance (TPA) 4.0 2018 under 52kgs class. I’m specialize in strength and conditioning, powerlifting, functional strength training, movement analysis and weight loss. Online coaching available for those whose not base in Bangkok and available for in person contact session.

Izzy Narvaez

TPF Approved Coach

Izzy Narvaez has been a competitive raw, drug-free powerlifter for eight years. His best lifts include a: 520lbs/234kg squat, a 355lbs/161kg bench press, and a 605lbs/275kg deadlift at a bodyweight of 183lbs/83kg. He has coached nearly two-hundred competitive powerlifters of all experience levels including several lifters who have placed at their respective National Championships and some who have even held National records. Thanks for your interest in my Custom Coaching Services!

Matt Del Castillo

TPF Approved & Certified Coach

Hi, my name is Matthew D. Del Castillo. I have been working in the fitness industry for two years as a personal trainer. I am also a powerlifter, a TPF certified coach, and referee. I specialize in strength and conditioning and powerlifting and have worked with the general population to achieve different fitness goals like increasing general strength scores, weight and/or fat loss as well as weight gain, increasing mobility, and strengthening to mitigate injury. I have also worked with competitive athletes to help improve performance and decrease the risk of injury. I am available for coaching, online and in person. DM me to get started!

Nugongid Buranasate

TPF Approved Coach

1st: T.P.A championships u100kg 2x fitwhey strongman champ 16' 17' 2nd: u105kg Asian DL championships 18' 1st: u90kg World axle deadlift/log lift championships (static monsters) '18 Hi everyone! I've been involved in strength sports since 2013 primarily in powerlifting and strongman competing at high calibre competitions both nationally and internationally. I have substantial coaching experience in the field of strength and conditioning, specialized programming for powerlifting/strongman, fat loss or just simply to gain muscle along with a healthy lifestyle. I enjoy working with a variety of clients sharing my experience and passing on my knowledge to them. Together, there is fun to be had and goals to conquer! Online and 1:1 coaching available.

Perada Dulyapiradis

TPF Approved & Certified Coach

Perada is certified coach by TPF and also Fitness Nutrition by FIT. She has influential role among girls in Thailand to be 'strong' physically and mentally and inspired many girls to get into ' lifting weights'. She won 1st place at Asia Pacific Strongman Deadlifts Championship at (bw:48kg) in Singapore and is proven that size does not matter in strength sport. Additionally, she was known successfully, noticeably and remarkably in organizing Powerlifting 101 by TPF (2018), 'Strong is the new sexy' at Siam Strength (2017) and workshops with BkkBarbell (2017). I also organized T.P.A 4.0 (2018). She emphasizes on self-love and positive thinking along with the fitness journey as she is the certified NLP Lifecoach (2013). If your goal is ' health and fitness' in both physically and spiritually, she is the right person you're looking for.

Nils Marquardt

TPF Certified & Approved Coach

Hey guys, I'm Nils from Germany, living in Bangkok and help a broad variety of people working on their personal fitness goals specialising in strength & conditioning, powerlifting, bodybuilding, nutrition, functional fitness and performance. I was involved in sports my whole life and found my passion in strength training which taught me a lot of discipline and perseverance that carried over to various aspects of my life. I am a competitive athlete in Powerlifting and Strongman and made steady, injury-free progress over the last years. I'm certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer as well as Specislist in Strength & Conditioning and love to share my experience and knowledge through coaching to help people become the best version of themselves. I emphasize science over myths to provide my clients the best programs to ensure their progress and success. I'm available for online coachings aswell as 1-on-1 sessions here in Bangkok.

Clinton Cratus Lee

TPF Approved Coach

Coach Clinton Lee (from Atlas Training Protocols) is a multi-time Singapore national champion powerlifter. He is also internationally ranked, currently holding the silver position in the U74kg Men's Open weight class. Beyond his achievements, Clinton has also been a professional strength coach for 5 years. He provides online training under Atlas Training Protocols, specialising in powerlifting specific preparation. His colleague, Twain, specialises in physique training and performance nutrition. Together, they have helped many strength athletes prepare for competitions through customised training and nutrition programs.