Coach Nils Marquardt

TPF Certified & Approved Coach

Hey guys, I’m Nils from Germany, living in Bangkok and help a broad variety of people working on their personal fitness goals specialising in strength & conditioning, powerlifting, bodybuilding, nutrition, functional fitness and performance. I was involved in sports my whole life and found my passion in strength training which taught me a lot of discipline and perseverance that carried over to various aspects of my life. I am a competitive athlete in Powerlifting and Strongman and made steady, injury-free progress over the last years. I’m certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer as well as Specislist in Strength & Conditioning and love to share my experience and knowledge through coaching to help people become the best version of themselves. I emphasize science over myths to provide my clients the best programs to ensure their progress and success. I’m available for online coachings aswell as 1-on-1 sessions here in Bangkok.

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