Eleiko is the Official equipment supplier and partner of Thai Powerlifting Federation. Eleiko’s top quality equipment will be used at every TPF event to ensure the highest standards are met for our athletes. 

Eleiko has a long been the premier supplier of leading equipment for the Powerlifting community and their range of Powerlifting equipment is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the highest level Powerlifting athletes. Eleiko powerlifting bars feature a stiffer design, sharper grip, and longer sleeves, which, when coupled with the thin cast iron discs, allow the bar to be loaded with more discs for even heavier lifts. 

Eleiko is a certified supplier of the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF), and the sole VIP Championship supplier since 2009.

If you are in Thailand and interested in purchasing Eleiko equipment, please check their website here: https://www.eleiko.com/en/home to see their selection and range of products, and then contact us at admin@thaipowerliftingfederation.com for further information. Thank you. 

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