The Thai Powerlifting Federation is wholly committed to ensuring that the integrity of the sport is maintained by enforcing strict doping control systems, in line with World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).WADA produce an Athlete Reference Guide to the World Anti-Doping Code which you may find useful. The Athlete Reference Guide is available here: Code boils down to one very simple principle of strict liability:If it is in your body, you are responsible for it.It is the responsibility of the athlete to ensure that any supplements or medication that they are taking is in line with WADA standards.The most recent Prohibited List is available here:

Drug Test List

LifterCompetitionTest DateStatus
James HanhamAFC Open 2018October 6, 2018Negative
Chester JeeraphongBKK Open 2018November 10, 2018Pending
Nattacha NuwabootBKK Open 2018November 10, 2018Pending