Thai Mens National Powerlifting Records

These are the official Thai Powerlifting Federation National Records. Records are available at all TPF competitions.

Every national record is subject to a National Standard. Any record without a lifters name beside it is the national standard for that lift. To claim the record a lifter must equal or surpass the national standard.


Weight ClassSub JuniorJuniorOpenMasters 1Masters 2Masters 3Masters 4
53kg Squat95kg130kg
53kg Bench Press65kg87.5kg
53kg Deadlift120kg160kg
53kg Total280kg375kg
59kg Squat122.5kgKiatthisak Inmorn 170kg (National Championship 2020)155kg137.5kg117.5kg95kg77.5kg
59kg Bench Press82.5kgSiraus Taveeratana 100kg (National Championship 2020)110kg100kg85kg70kg55kg
59kg Deadlift145kgSiraus Taveeratana 180kg (National Championship 2020)200kg170kg145kg117.5kg95kg
59kg Total345kgKiatthisak Inmorn 430kg (National Championship 2020)462.5kg405kg342.5kg280kg225kg
66kg SquatKiatthisak Inmorn 170kg (NQ3 2019)Norathai Panayong 167.5kg (NQ1 2020)Eric Smulders 212kg (National Championship 2020)152.5kg130kg105kg85kg
66kg Bench PressKiatthisak Inmorn 95kg (NQ3 2019)107.5kgEric Smulders 145kg (National Championship 2020)112.5kgStuart Trevor 98kg (National Championship 2020)77.5kg62.5kg
66kg DeadliftWorakamol Napaworakul 180.5kg (National Qual 2 2019)Kunanont Phrommalha 220kg (NQ1 2020)Eric Smulders 255kg (National Championship 2020)190kgStuart Trevor 160kg (National Championship 2020)132.5kg105kg
66kg TotalKiatthisak Inmorn 425kg (NQ3 2019)Kunanont Phrommalha 475kg (NQ1 2020)Eric Smulders 612kg (National Championship 2020)445kgStuart Trevor 383kg (National Championship 2020)307.5kg247.5kg
74kg SquatBarankhan Aroriya 170kg (NQ3 2019)Wongsatorn Angchaibunsrisuk 190kg (AFC 2018)Kasemsand Senumong 235kg (NQ3 2019)167.5kg142.5kgLuc Van den Eynden 115kg (NQ1 2020)92.5kg
74kg Bench PressBarankhan Aroriya 105kg (NQ3 2019)Wongsatorn Angchaibunsrisuk 142.5kg (World Classic 2019)Wongsatorn Angchaibunsrisuk 150kg (National Championship 2020)125kg105kgLuc Van den Eynden 90kg (NQ1 2020)70kg
74kg DeadliftBarankhan Aroriya 200kg (NQ3 2019)Wongsatorn Angchaibunsrisuk 217.5kg (World Classic 2019)Kasemsand Senumong 260kg (NQ3 2019)202.5kg172.5kgLuc Van den Eynden 147.5kg (NQ1 2020)112.5kg
74kg TotalBarankhan Aroriya 475kg (NQ3 2019)Wongsatorn Angchaibunsrisuk 537.5kg (World Classic 2019)Kasemsand Senumong 637.5kg (NQ3 2019)485kg410kgLuc Van den Eynden 352.5kg (NQ1 2020)270kg
83kg SquatPhuripat Yimserhthi 205kg (AFC 2018)Phuripat Yimserhthi 230kg (Thai Open 2019)Patient Cena 235kg (NQ3 2019)185kg157.5kg127.5kg102.5kg
83kg Bench PressPongsakarn Sumonsart 120kg (National Qual 2 2019)Wongsatorn Angchaibunsrisuk 140kg (BKK Open 2018)Patient Cena 160kg(NQ3 2019)135kg115kg92.5kg75kg
83kg DeadliftPhuripat Yimserhthi 210kg (AFC 2018)225kgPutchong Dispanurat 260kg (Thai Open 2019)215kg182.5kg147.5kg120kg
83kg TotalPongsakarn Sumonsart 530kg (National Qual 2 2019)Phuripat Yimserhthi 567.5kg (World Classic 2019)Patient Cena 625kg (NQ3 2019)525kg445kg362.5kg292.5kg
93kg Squat172.5kgBramand Moktan 235kg (National Qualifier 2019)Bramand Moktan 245.5kg (National Championship 2020)200kg170kgAndre Sonnekus 165kg (National Championship 2020)110kg
93kg Bench Press115kg135kgBrent Calderon 160kg (National Championship 2020)145kg122.5kg100kg80kg
93kg Deadlift200kgBramand Moktan 262.5kg (National Qualifier 2019)Brent Calderon 277.5kg (National Championship 2020)225kg190kgAndre Sonnekus 180kg (National Championship 2020)125kg
93kg Total480kgBramand Moktan 625kg (National Qualifier 2019)Brent Calderon 660kg (National Championship 2020)555kg470kgAndre Sonnekus 430kg (National Championship 2020)307.5kg
105kg Squat180kg215kgNate Giuffre 242.5kg (National Championship 2020)215kg182.5kgAndre Sonnekus 177.5kg (National Qual 1 2019)120kg
105kg Bench Press122.5kg142.5kgMichael Lee 180kg (BKK Open 2018)152.5kg130kg105kg85kg
105kg Deadlift205kg245kg270kg232.5kg197.5kgAndre Sonnekus 190kg (National Qual 1 2019)130kg
105kg Total502.5kg602.5kg670kg585kg495kgAndre Sonnekus 465kg (National Qual 1 2019)325kg
120kg Squat190kg225kgJames Hanham 273kg National Championship 2020)Simon Timpson 225kg (National Qualifier 2019)187.5kg155kg122.5kg
120kg Bench Press127.5kg150kg180kg160kg135kg110kg90kg
120kg Deadlift210kg250kgSimon Timpson 280kg (National Qualifier 2019)Simon Timpson 280kg (National Qualifier 2019)200kg162.5kg130kg
120kg Total 525kg625kg700kgSimon Timpson 660kg (National Qualifier 2019)517.5kg422.5kg337.5kg
120kg + Squat195kg230kg262.5kg235kg200kg162.5kg130kg
120kg + Bench Press130kg155kg185kg165kg140kg115kg92.5kg
120kg + Deadlift217.5kg255kg290kg235kgPaul Levine 200.5kg (National Championship 2020)162.5kg130kg
120kg + Total530kg635kg710kg620kg525kg427.5kg345kg