TPF Bench Press Only National Rankings - Mens

Every member of the TPF will achieve a national ranking place. These rankings will be adjusted after each competition to determine who are the best lifters in the TPF across all weight classes. The rankings will be determined based on the IPF score that is achieved at official TPF & IPF competitions.

RankNameCurrent DivisionWeight ClassBench 1Bench 2Bench 3Best BenchTotalGL PointYear of Birth
1Patein CenaMen's Raw Open Bench Only93160167.517017017084.411990
Men's Raw Open Bench Only83150160-16516016081.251983
3Wongsatorn AngchaibunsrisukMen's Raw Open Bench Only74140-15015015015080.61996
4Akekapol treeviratanakulMen's Raw Open Bench Only74132.5-137.514014014077.511988
5Chaiyawut WattanajaroonrodMen's Raw Junior Bench Only74-125130-13513013069.862000
6Nikita PorvatkinMen's Raw Open Bench Only7411512012512512567.741986
7Roman-FomichevMen's Raw Open Bench Only59100110-12511011066.471985
8Siraus Taveeratana
Men's Raw Junior Bench Only66102.5107.511011011065.422000
9Hiroyuki Isomura
Men's Raw Junior Bench Only9310511512512512561.172001
10Joshua Botha
Men's Raw Open Bench Only93-10511512512512559.621996
11James HanhamMen's Raw Open Bench Only120+140-160014014058.111990
12Emil Men's Raw Master I Bench Only83-100105107.5107.5107.555.971978
13Sascha Bohländer
Men's Raw Master I Bench Only105100107.5112.5112.5112.553.011978
14Luc Van den Eynden
Men's Raw Master III Bench Only748087.5-92.587.587.547.961956