Thai Powerlifting Federation Certification Courses

Level 1 Referee Course


JCW Events Conference Room, 4th Floor, Ascott Sathorn Bangkok

Event Informations

  • Event Type: Certification Courses
  • Date: Feb 8, 2019 06:00PM - Feb 8, 2019 10:00PM
  • Sanction: Thai Powerlifting Federation
  • Director: Thai Powerlifting Federation
  • Co-Director: JCW Events

Our Level 1 Referee Course will be taking place on February 8 from 6pm to 9pm, with the practical portion taking place on February 9th from 9am to 6pm!

We will also have our spotting and loading course from 9pm to 10pm for anyone who’s interested in helping on the platform as a spotter and loader!

As usual, the course will be taking place in the JCW Events conference room at the Ascott Sathorn Bangkok, however, the practical portion of the referee course will be taking place at the Thai Powerlifting Thailand Open!

The referee course is capped at 12 people. Demand will be high so please reserve your spot today!


  1. All candidates MUST have the most current IPF rule book English version dated 31/12/18. All candidates MUST read the rule book many times and try to understand as much as possible on their own.
  2. I will post questions on the TPF FB page to guide the learning. All candidates participate actively – participants have to answer the questions that I put up.
  3. Practical session and on site discussion on 8th Feb.
    By this stage, participants should know most of the required information. The session is for them to clarify their doubts and for me to show what to look out for in real life.
  4. Written test. Passing mark 60%
  5. Practical test.
    Candidates will be rostered for the meet and will have to give judgement on the lifts. They will be assessed on their judgement calls.

Topics Covered:

  1. General Rules of Powerlifting:
    Age and Bodyweight categories
    Revisiting factors that decide who wins what and when
  2. Equipment :
    Type of bar/rack/bench/plate used at a meet
  3. Personal Equipment:
    Rules and guidelines of wearing this t-shirt/belt/singlet etc.
  4. The 3 Big lifts:
    How deep is your squat?
    How good is your bench?
    The king of all lifts – Deadlift
  5. Weighing in:
    The moment of truth after all that dieting/water-loading
  6. Order of competition:
    Who goes 1st and when.
  7. Referees:
    How to excel in all of the above

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