Coach Kaely Wararatchai

TPF Certified & Approved Coach

Hi guys! Kaely’s here. I’m a TPF’s Athlete, SBD Sponsored Athlete, TPF’s Powerlifting Coach and TPF’s Referee. I believe that Strength is the root of any type of sports and movements. And it’s the most important for our lives. I have worked with clients with various goals. From general fitness to competitive athletes. I’m competitive myself as well, 1st Place in IRON WARRIOR 2018 under 52kgs class and 2nd Place in Thailand Powerlifting Alliance (TPA) 4.0 2018 under 52kgs class. I’m specialize in strength and conditioning, powerlifting, functional strength training, movement analysis and weight loss. Online coaching available for those whose not base in Bangkok and available for in person contact session.

Coaching Packages