Certified Courses

The Thai Powerlifting Federation offers a range of courses for our lifters and members throughout the year. You can find the details of every course here

Powerlifting Coaching Level 1

Next Course Date - February 6 & 7 2019 from 6:00pm to 10:00pm each day.

We are very honored to have Coaches Bryce Lewis and Natalie Hanson as instructors for this course. Bryce is an IPF Classic World Champion and 2 time USAPL National Champion in the 105kg division, while Natalie is an IPF Open (equipped) World Champion, USA Powerlifting Open (equipped) National Champion, and  currently holds the IPF Open World Records in the squat (273.5kg) and total (671kg) in the 84kg division.

Topics covered in this course are standard for IPF coaching courses and will be as follows:

  • IPF Rules of Performance
  • Attempt Selection
  • Divisions
  • Classes
  • Scoring
  • Basic Program Design
  • Technique Practical

TPF Referee Course

Next Course Date - February 8th & 9th 2019 

Topics Covered:

  • General Rules of Powerlifting
  • Age and Bodyweight categories
  • Revisiting factors that decide who wins what and when
  • Equipment
  • Personal Equipment
  • The 3 Big lifts
  • Weighing in
  • Order of competition

As usual, the course will be taking place in the JCW Events conference room at the Ascott Sathorn Bangkok, however, the practical portion of the referee course will be taking place at the Thai Powerlifting Thailand Open!

The referee course is capped at 12 people. Demand will be high so please reserve your spot today!