Powerlifting is a Strength Sport consisting of three lifts: Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift. In a competition, there are three attempts for each lift in which athletes try to lift the most weight to not only beat the competition, but also their previous personal records. 

Regardless of your goals, whether they are to compete in Powerlifting, lift maximum weight, increase strength, build muscle, or to just improve overall fitness and health, the important first learn and understand the basic movements and in this course, you will learn the fundamentals for each of the Powerlifts!

Course topics

Lesson 1: Powerlifting 101

  • History of Powerlifting.
  • What is IPF?
  • The difference between Classic/Raw and Equipped competitions.
  • Equipment that is allowed in competition.
  • Warm-up routine before starting your training session.

Lesson 2: SQUAT

  • How to brace.
  • Find your stance.
  • The difference between high bar and low bar.
  • Set up and accessories to help improve your Squat.
  • Rules of performance in competition.

Lesson 3: Bench Press

  • The difference between close grip and wide grip.
  • How to arch.
  • Set up.
  • Accessories to help you improve your Bench Press.
  • Rules of performance in competition.

Lesson 4: Deadlift

  • The difference between conventional and sumo.
  • Set up for conventional.
  • Set up for sumo.
  • Accessories to help you improve your Deadlift.
  • Rules of performance in competition.

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