All athletes MUST have an active Thai Powerlifting Federation membership in order to compete in our sanctioned competitions. The cost is 1500 THB per year.

Open enrollment for each year begins January 1 of that year, and all memberships are valid from January 1 to December 31 of the year purchased and all sales are final (and no refunds will be given). It’s highly recommended to purchase your membership as early in the year as possible.

All Membership Cards are delivered via email immediately after bank transfer. Make sure to add [email protected] to your email contacts. Always bring and present your membership card, whether via attachment or printout, to each and every competition in order to compete in TPF sanctioned competitions.

Conditions of membership:

As a condition of my membership in TPF:

  • I agree to abide by all rules, regulations, and drug testing procedures implemented by TPF.
  • I understand and agree that the rules, regulations, and drug testing procedures may be subject to change at any time and that I shall abide by any new or modified rules, regulations, and drug testing procedures as a condition of my continued membership.
  • I agree that my membership may be revoked temporarily or permanently, suspended, and/or denied based on my failure to abide by TPF rules, regulations, and drug testing procedures.
  • If I am suspended from membership for any reason, including testing positive for a banned substance or doping method, I agree that TPF may publish my name on a list of suspended members and/or as a member who is suspended for testing positive for a banned substance or doping method, on the internet, or in any other publication that TPF so chooses.
  • I agree that I will remain subject to drug testing protocols until I formally declare my retirement from sport, in writing, to TPF regardless of my membership status.
  • I agree to fully participate in any drug testing procedure as an active TPF member, including in competition testing and out of competition testing, regardless of the time, date, and location, and also acknowledge that a drug testing refusal is an automatic failure. 

Member Dues Go Toward:

  1. The highest standard of Powerlifting competitions Thailand has ever seen including but not limited to:
    1. Equipment.
    2. Venues.
    3. Flow and sequence of the events.
    4. Competition directing.
    5. Judging and refereeing.
    6. Announcing.
    7. Videography and photography.
    8. Medals and trophies.
  2. Direct access to some of the best coaches and athletes in the world on a semi regular basis.
  3. In and out of competition drug testing to ensure a level playing field.
  4. IPF membership dues paid by TPF annually.
  5. TPF subcontracted staff salaries.
  6. Administrative fees (such as website, registered office, accounting, etc).  

Member Benefits:

  1. The opportunity to compete in our sanctioned competitions on all regional and national levels. 
  2. TPF Member rate (50% discount) for all competitions. 
  3. One FREE Official TPF T-Shirt (399 THB value). 
  4. 5% discount on TPF Approved and Certified coaches.
  5. 5% discount on TPF Online Academy. 
  6. 5% discount on any product or service from select Official Partners (not including SBD or Eleiko). 
  7. Access to Thai Powerlifting Private Facebook community.
  8. Lifter profile on the Thai Powerlifting website.

Member Eligibility:

  1. Regional Competitions and National Qualifiers.
  2. Regional and National Rankings and Records.
  3. Awards Recognition.
  4. Volunteer Opportunities.
  5. Access to the Annual General Meeting (AGM), which will be in January every year.
  6. Eligibility for invitational competitions. 

Competing in untested Powerlifting Federations or competitions:

We DO NOT allow our athletes to participate in a Powerlifting or Bench Press Competition not organized or approved by TPF and the reason for this is we will not allow our athletes to compete in untested Powerlifting Federations or competitions that do not follow the IPF Anti-Doping rules. For the latest version of these rules, please check here:

Privacy Policy:

Thai Powerlifting subcontracted staff, board members, officers and volunteers are responsible for the security of any confidential member and organizational information to which they have access. They have an obligation to maintain the confidentiality of proprietary, confidential and sensitive information, documents and data concerning Thai Powerlifting, its subcontracted staff, members and organizations. Thai Powerlifting subcontracted staff, board members, officers and volunteers will not discuss or divulge internal business or member information concerning any of the above entities except to (1) the extent necessary for the normal conduct of business and (2) those that are specifically authorized to receive such information. By registering as a member, you acknowledge and accept this policy.

No Refund Policy:

We have a strict no refund policy on our memberships once dues are paid. 

2019 Active Membership

 NameClub NameCoachStatus
1Nopparat RerkpisutBase BangkokComplete
2Filipa VicenteComplete
3Thunyarat J.Complete
4Noravidhya TanapuraBase BangkokComplete
5Zaidan JaleelMale' Fitness Club, Male' City, MaldivesComplete
6Tom ImanishiComplete
7Kaely C. WararatchaiSiam StrengthComplete
8Patcha NitiahpapandComplete
9Wongsatorn AngchaibunsrisukSiam StrengthComplete
10Worathida TheopanichThe LabComplete
11Andre Jean SonnekusIndividualComplete
12Gustavo John D Del CastilloSiam strength and BaseComplete
13Monica ZeppetelloCrossFit Chiang MaiPeter LuceyComplete
14Emma Louise ThomasBigBox Strength and ConditioningComplete
15Nate GiuffreMuscle FactoryComplete
16Jason DeknatelComplete
17Jenai FaulkSiam StrengthComplete
18Matthew D. Del CastilloBASE & Siam StrengthComplete
19Alexander Nathasid WidlerAlpha Health Club PhuketComplete
20Patsakrit NualnimComplete
21Putchong DispanuratSiam StrengthComplete
22Nurki GurungCrossFit Chiang MaiComplete
23Sara SotoMuscle FactoryComplete
24Brent CalderonBaswComplete
25Luksamon SrirasanAvengers gymComplete
26Simon TimpsonAvengers gymComplete
27Supawish JantawongSiamstrengthComplete
28sukontha JantawongSiamstrengthComplete
29Pawin SundarathitiBASE BANGKOKComplete
30Peter LuceyTPF Training CenterPeter LuceyComplete
31James HanhamThe Lad centreComplete
32Jiravan SakamaneeSiam StrengthComplete
33Phuripat YimserhthiSiam StrengthComplete
34Flo NapasabBase BangkokComplete
35Chester JeeraphongVirgin ActiveComplete
36Warot SaengsawangwattanaSiam StrengthComplete
37Pornchita WongkhasumTPF Training CenterPeter LuceyComplete
38Thanakom BuanapimMentor gymComplete
39Nutthaporn FueangsukonSports Authority of Thailand Building13Complete
40Chris pantonyTone BoxComplete
41Neno IttikraichareonVirgin ActivePeter LuceyComplete
42Kay AmattayakulVirgin Active Empire TowerComplete
43Jedsadakorn GammonJetts FitnessComplete
44Perada DulyapiradisComplete
45Patiparn ThipvarorosHomeComplete
46Jin hyuk ChoiComplete
47Aziah ManolasLIFT Strength and ConditioningJamal YounisComplete
48Mehdi HadimComplete
49Matthew BuonopaneComplete
50Michael LeemfComplete
51Eric SmuldersComplete
52Tom SomchaiwongBearbell ClubComplete
53Worakamol 02/04/2019Virgin Active (Empire Tower)Peter LuceyComplete
54Dew TaveeratanaRBSCComplete
55Sukanan AngurasaraneeHome gymComplete
56Bramand Singh MoktanComplete
57Ross MilesFun Gym, PattayaComplete
58Jiradash NaksringamFitness FIrstComplete
59Rowan SutherlandFit-D Fitness RatchadaComplete
60Kim CofinoSiam StrengthComplete
61Mikail MohamedMFC GymComplete
62Nonpawit NakthaeJettsComplete
63Prompong SanhirunStartup FitnessComplete
64Piyawath WvathTPF Training CenterComplete
65Jenwit​ TaneeMuscle factory​Complete
66Richard IversenComplete
67Jirayu EampanFItness24SevenComplete
68Tanakrit ThammawatvimolBearbell ClubComplete
69Nattanun OnnomBearbell ClubComplete
70Chusit SatjawatthanaLeader gym chinaComplete
71Kittikawin SangsuwanColumbo gymComplete
72Nattapon Praipruek24seven fitnessComplete
73Kittiyuwa Suwannathan24seven fitnessComplete
74Intouch Kaewchai24 seven fitnessComplete
75Stuart TrevorBludeckComplete
76Patient CenaFitwhey gymComplete
77Pongsakarn SumonsartStart up fitnessComplete
78Panthakorn ChanjuthamardMuscle factoryComplete
79Suchanon CheowbangyangFitwheyComplete
80Minh DangHanoi Barbell ClubComplete
81Pawin SudbanthadStart up Fitness RangnamComplete
82Vesa HaggrenHome GymComplete
83Jamie HuntComplete
84Yuthin CharoenpakdiBASE BANGKOKComplete
85Lan Anh BuiThe Barbell ClubComplete
86Nattaporn KamthoncharoenrungBearbell ClubComplete
87Dieu Linh NguyenThe Barbell ClubComplete
88Siriamporn SukasemBASE BangkokComplete
89Chayada ChulopasBASE BangkokComplete
90Krongkaew KitsawangpongkulBASE BangkokComplete
91Nattacha NuwabootAnytime FitnessComplete
92Gabrielle Doman Complete
93kiatthisak InmornGym JunkiesComplete