thai powerlifting

National Records Ladies

These are the official Thai Powerlifting Federation National Records. Records are available at all TPF competitions.

Every national record is subject to a National Standard. Any record without a lifters name beside it is the national standard for that lift. To claim the record a lifter must equal or surpass the national standard.

Weight ClassSub JuniorJuniorOpenMasters 1Masters 2Masters 3Masters 4
43kg Squat65kg67.5kg
43kg Bench Press37.5kg40kg
43kg Deadlift90kg87.5kg
43kg Total182.5kg195kg
47kg Squat70kgNutthaporn Fueangsukon 85kg (BKK Open 2018)90kg75kg62.5kg52.5kg42.5kg
47kg Bench Press42.5kg45kg55kg42.5kg35kg30kg22.5kg
47kg Deadlift95kg100kg107.5kg97.5kg82.5kg67.5kg55kg
47kg Total192.5kg215kg242.5kg215kg182.5kg147.5kg120kg
52kg SquatJiravan Sakamanee 80kg (AFC Open 2018)85kg97.5kg85kg72.5kg60kg47.5kg
52kg Bench Press45kg50kgFilipa Vicente - 60kg (AFC Open 2018)47.5kg40kg32.5kg27.5kg
52kg DeadliftJiravan Sakamanee 107.5kg (AFC Open 2018)105kgFilipa Vicente - 120kg (AFC Open 2018)105kg90kg72.5kg57.5kg
52kg TotalJiravan Sakamanee 225kg (AFC Open 2018)230kgFilipa Vicente 275kg (AFC Open 2018)230kg195kg160kg127.5kg
57kg Squat82.5kg92.5kgNurki Maya Gurung 105kg (BKK Open 2018)92.5kg77.5kg65kg52.5kg
57kg Bench Press47.5kg55kg62.5kg52.5kg45kg37.5kg30kg
57kg Deadlift107.5kg112.5kgNattacha Nuwaboot 140kg (BKK Open 2018)110kg92.5kg75kg60kg
57kg Total225kg250kgNattacha Nuwaboot 292.5kg (BKK Open 2018)250kg212.5kg172.5kg140kg
63kg Squat90kg100kg115kgKim Cofino 110kg (BKK Open 2018)85kg70kg55kg
63kg Bench Press52.5kg60kg67.5kgKim Cofino 57.5kg (BKK Open 2018)47.5kg40kg32.5kg
63kg Deadlift115kgPornchita Wongkhasum 120kg (BKK Open 2018)132.5kgKim Cofino 120kg (BKK Open 2018)102.5kg82.5kg67.5kg
63kg Total242.5kg270kg302.5kgKim Cofino 287.5kg (BKK Open 2018)227.5kg187.5kg150kg
72kg Squat100kg112.5kg127.5kg110kg92.5kg75kg60kg
72kg Bench Press57.5kg65kg75kg65kg55kg45kg35kg
72kg Deadlift125kg137.5kg145kg130kg110kg90kg72.5kg
72kg Total267.5kg295kg332.5kg290kg245kg200kg160kg
84kg Squat112.5kg125kg140kg122.5kg102.5kg85kg67.5kg
84kg Bench Press65kg70kg80kg70kg60kg47.5kg40kg
84kg Deadlift132.5kg147.5kg160kg142.5kg120kg97.5kg80kg
84kg Total292.5kg325kg365kg325kg275kg225kg180kg
84kg + Squat117.5kg130kg145kg127.5kg107.7kg87.5kg70kg
84kg + Bench Press67.5kg75kg85kg77.5kg65kg52.5kg42.5kg
84kg + Deadlift135kg135kg165kg150kg127.5kg102.5kg82.5kg
84kg + Total 300kg335kgMonica Zeppetello 377.5kg (BKK Open 2018)335kg282.5kg232.5kg185kg